‘Google Voice’ a Wonder Tool for your Android Phone


Google has introduced a powerful package of efficient tools for your android phone that comprises of a call routing, phone number, caller announcement, free SMS texting, low-cost calling at International roaming, dedicated phone number, online voicemail, call recording, voicemail-to-text transcription and more. It is an amazing tool with loaded exclusive features in your mobile phone.

Google Voice is a powerful tool that can be integrated with an Android Voice App. First create a Google account and synch it with the app by providing your area code for more effective features. The Google offers wonderful features such as “audio caller ID”, Call Screening and call presentation options exclusively.

Call screening

The call screening option prompts your device to track the route of the call to the Google Voice number by prompting the caller to give details about their names. The Voice service option then will work by sending the name recorded freshly once it rings before answering the phone call. You can decide whether to pick the call or to divert it to the voicemail option, while listening to the announcement recorded.

If you want the call screening to be disabled for any one person then there are options offered in the Google service. There are also options for banishing a particular call to the voicemail abyss then you can do it by listening to the voice message live and terminating the call recording by clicking on the asterisk option provided on your dialer, and then reconnects to the call without any interruption. In case there are certain people whom you consider to talk without any screening then you can easily turn off the call screening option for those contacts through the Voice web interface.

 SMS text option at no cost

Another wonderful benefit of the Voice app is the message texting option offered at free of cost. This option could be used with your data connection and not over the network provider’s messaging gateway. The unlimited SMS plan is a great boon for those who would love to share text than calls.

Voice Android App

The Google Voice Android App default screen comprises of an inbox that shows the entire voicemails transactions along with the received or sent SMS text messages via your mobile number. You will be receiving notifications for every new fresh voice mails along with a description messages. These voice messages that are stored in your Gmail account in the web can be listened through the Voice App itself. And it is not necessary to dial any number, since it appears in the voice inbox directly. You can provide your direct Android Phone number for closed ones and for others provide your Google Voice Number extensively.

You can customize the greetings for every caller according to the person and your heart’s desire. This will allow that special person such as your mom or friend or lover to hear to that special customized message before dropping a message. The Google Voice will highlight the words in red color along with the audio. The transcription of the text words to the Voice audio is accurate and the darker highlighted words denote the clear transcription. Google Voice-mail is an amazing app that helps in creating more magical memories for the Android Phone users.

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