Developers of Android Game Flappy Bird For iOS Been Taken Down

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The most popular former Android game Flappy Bird available on Google Inc’s Android Play Store and Apple Inc App Store is no more available either on Google or Apple to download by its users. As by the developer of Flappy bird game announced that game would be taken down earlier 22 hours was took down on Sunday midnight.

Succeeding from obscurity, caused an excitement to Flappy Bird game being download on most mobile game from online stores on both Google and Apple. It’s a game where a bird being guided through between green pipes attracted most users with more than 50million reviews and half million times being downloaded by Android version.

Dong apologized on tweet to additive Flappy game players:

On Saturday 1900 GMT, Hanoi game based developer Nguyen Ha Dong made apologize on tweet to players of Flappy game as the game being grounding was announced by him.

Dong writes, he is unable to take it anymore and so he is going to take down Flappy game within 22 hours from now. Moreover it’s nothing to do with legal issues.

Dong explanation regarding his decision to take down the game:

Dong couldn’t comment on people questioning to his decision on twitter, as one day earlier he was going to develop the game also for Microsoft windows phones too. He cancelled his Thursday interview with Reuters and was unable to make it on Friday.

Dong replied earlier on twitter that the game was just made by him alone in few days unlike Angry Bird popular game made by Rovio Entertainment with 100s of programmers. In media interview Dong said, from advertising average earning per day was $50,000 and game was Nintendo Mario Bros inspired through.

On Friday media representative of Nintendo said to Reuters that may be what Dong’s two friends said about sending warning letter by Nintendo and game maker of Japanese saying not to consider it as lawsuit may be rumors, and so comments on that can’t be made.

Senior manager Duy Doan said at VTC online that, Dong being very careful and not dealing with legal issues as it may be difficult for him if it’s happen. Dong was not ready to sell his game to investors.

`Nguyen Hieu Linh Japanese Cyber-Agent Venture Inc. investment manager said, Android game Flappy Bird most investors may not interested as there will be no occurring and cause uncertainty in cash flow. Dong needs to raise his funds to make mini Android game of this kind with no more help needed, as certain amount already been earned.

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