Android Homescreen to Improve Smartphone Experience


Use of Android Homescreen app is becoming a fascination for many mobile users. EverythingMe, a homescreen and app development firm for Android portrays a new move for using contextual data to make smartphones work better. The company people call it “Smartphone 2.0” and inform its ability to make the phones smarter and efficient.

EverythingMe homescreen and app launcher for Android is user friendly by nature. It does not require you to learn from scratch about its usage. It is very powerful with its changing backgrounds and swift animations, giving a lively experience to you.

The home screen focuses on search options on your phone and the search bar offers the fastest in-phone search available on Android. If you want to find any favorite apps or contacts, you need to tap once or twice in the search bar at the top of your screen, and the entire screen will rearrange itself simultaneously. More frequently used apps or contacts will shoot to the top of the results. Searches for particular music album shift to appropriate apps. If you search for a movie then the query will be redirected to YouTube or Netflix, along with links to Rotten Tomatoes, Fandango and other useful web sites. The background also changes to a relevant picture, providing a vibrant experience.

Smart Folders feature is available with this application where folders automatically get loaded with related apps containing Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter apps. If you download other social apps, it will be added to the social folder when it is installed. Some Smart Folders such as news, sports or weather, try to analyze what you are searching. Smart Folders automatically are updated with each new app you install.

The another remarkable feature is the  Prediction Bar, a widget that places itself at the bottom of the main homescreen and shows apps that it feels you are likely to use at a time later. The bar will change which apps are presented based on your time of day, location, and how often you use them. It includes a sophisticated app that changes during the day with current weather and other utilities. The widget will display useful apps after you plug a headset into the phone. The company claimed, more than two million users have downloaded these apps and the demand for those apps will also go up in future. These are the applications that bring happy usage experience for the smartphone users.

Hence, the use of Android Homescreen will play a pivotal role among the smartphone users.

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