Top 5 Photo Editors for Android


Ever Since photography has become a passion to everyone certain images are needed to be editing to define the attitude , the subject and the value of the image.  Because of social media we can develop and learn many things due to this passion, so you need to know about few application that make your photos look adorable and perfect. There are many photo editing applications on the internet but only few have its own significance. If you are good at Photoshop then you don’t need these editors, if you are a noob or a learner then I want you to follow the below Photo Editor apps for Android and read carefully about them to gain more knowledge.


One of the best editor, which enables you to select an area in the image and adjust the lens according to your perspective. It feels like that the particular image is taken by a professional photographer. So from this moment, you wont need any Photoshop to learn , just a simple application for android which make your photos look professional change you look Fabulous!! The main thing of the app is it can d-focus or focus at a particular areas.

Download Afterfocus


A normal and simple photos editor with more special features! This application is an award-winning photo editor which is moslty used and recommended by most of the users. It has some cool features like color corrections, adjusting brightness and contrast , some special filter and responsive color pallets. I consider this application for only normal people and beginners of photo editing.

Download Picsay

Camera 360 ultimate

Camera 360 is a professional photo editor that is available for free in android, the special effects and the user interface present in this app is more worth than a paid application. It has around 8 different camera effects, some of them include Easy camera, Sony camera, Self-portrait camera and etc. It also provides a cloud storage which allows you to store and share the photos with your friends. I recommend you to go with this application if you want your images to look more creatively. Hope you got my point!!

Download Camera 360


We all know about this popular application’s history that it is developed from a PC application to android app, most of the images and profile pictures in Facebook(before two years) was edited using this application. The usage of this application went viral by the social media and now we also have it for all smartphones including iOS and windows phones. so this will save my time instead of describing it. If you are new to this then please go to the download link and check out the description!

Download PhotoFunia

Photo Collages Camera

I have seen most of the photos in my Facebook news feed and whats app are edited pictures and uploaded making as colleges.  This trend has been very quite common use by many of the people these days. So i want to help you regarding this!! if you don’t know Photoshop to make collages then don’t worry!! An app is eagerly awaiting for you to install…. Cheers to the developers.

Download photo collages camera

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