Sony Pushes WALKMAN App 7.15.A.0.0 Update.


Sony has recently released a multitude of new innovative devices with unique features, amazing looks, and so much more. These devices, such as the Xperia Z1, the Z Ultra, and the other Z models, are all not only getting some more devices alongside them, but also getting a very necessary, and handy, update on the Walkman app.

Sony recently just updated some of their other apps, including the Album app, their Tasks App, and even their nifty Info-Eye app, so the Walkman app update was definitely expected. The Walkman application is a leading app download and allows users to enjoy a great way to listen to their music, rearrange their playlists, find more songs, and simply browse various artists. The Walkman app also connects users to millions of free songs that are available to them courtesy of Sony Entertainment Network.

While the Walkman app has always been a phenomenal app that massively upgrades the current music playing options on a smartphone, it unfortunately had some bugs, and pesky errors that needed a bit of fixing. Fortunately the new 7.15.A.0.0 Update fixed many of them!

If you own one of the Sony Z line devices then you may already have the update on your device. If you have not installed the new Walkman app update yet, then check out some of the new features that you will see on it below.

  • Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements – these are just small things that you may or may not have noticed. Fortunately the performance of the overall app has been enhanced giving you better music listening and a great overall experience.
  • A recently played playlist – Enjoy a new smart playlist that keeps track of what you have recently played so you can shuffle through them and listen without having to add them to a whole new playlist!
  • Rearrange playlist – Enjoy shuffling songs about in your playlist with ease while listening.
  • Featured Playlist – These are songs that are featured on Music Unlimited and gives you an opportunity to listen to hot tracks and find new artists!

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