Some Best Android Applications for daily life

Android Applications for daily life

Best Android Applications for daily life

Followings are some android applications from which users can get some benefits in their daily life.

Bump Fight:

This app helps people to check out how potent the phone is. Using Bump Fight, people can compare the android phones with other android mobiles. Download Bump Fight now.

SOS – Stay Safe:

This is an emergency safety device. It is also an innovative, tactful and personal safety app for women. It allows women against violence and acts of hostility. Simply by shaking the phone, people can send SOS aware to their friends and family when possibility of risk. There is prospect of Text and email messages, like; people can get usual intervals to provide real time GPS tracking from their exact position. The alerts are sent inconspicuously, without having to look at the device. With just a shake of the device, people can acquire the location, the device battery level and even the recorded audio clip upon situation to chosen contacts. This system automatically sends an urgent situation message. The unremarkable shake motion permits a woman in difficulty to get help easily and tactfully without any doubt. Users can also adjust the power of the shake to ensemble their desires.

Some probable crisis situation may happen like:

1. Individual may haunt on the way to their home from work

2. Individual may track by a strange vehicle at night

3. Individual may face physical attack or sexual abuse

4. Hostelling environment

5. Household violence

Incidents of crime against women have been rising at an upsetting rate. SOS Stay Safe! Ahs designed in those ways which would come in handy in diverse situations, empowering females of all ages, from all pace of life. The SOS system as well used in any other emergency scenarios by anyone like- accident victims senior citizens, children and so on. Download the application Now.

Game Turn Countdown Timer:

For any types of game there are uses of timer to limit a player’s turn. It is easy to use the timer manager for two players, groups or teams. This app has fifteen diverse nature avatars. So users need to choose any two different characters. To play this, the user need to setup a custom countdown dial for turns from ten minutes to ten seconds or for second options have to use a predetermined timer, 1 and 3 minute timers and 30 seconds on the clock are built in. Here are the changeable audio warnings set, an audio warning ticker available to start when a player has 10 or 20 seconds left to play. Or if people prefer, they can turn of the warning ticker totally. The user also can by hand impede the timer if a player completes their turn previous to time runs out. It can be used anywhere for strategy games, word puzzles, board games and other party games which use timers. It has been designed for casual games; this app is not planned to be used for executive events. Download Game Turn Countdown timer.

Contact Finder Lite:

This app is helpful to connect with people and also useful to find contacts with phone numbers, email addresses, companies with locations and any other contact information. For this the users need to enter keywords, CF advanced algorithms, comb the Internet, builds people’s emails, phone numbers that can be added to contact database. Download Contact Finder Lite

Family locator:

Life 360 is a service that manages the user’s range of protection and safety needs Life360 has access to the top engineering talent in the world by financial backing from Google and Facebook. By utilizing the family locator, users can get the most powerful products at the lowest price.Life360 can be use for free to try for forty five days. If any users stay a member beyond the forty five day trial period, the user will be billed according to the plan type s/he signed up for. If users have individual accounts they have to pay for $7.95 per month and for non-individual which cover up to six people, have to pay for $19.95 per month. Download Family locator.

If you know any application more useful than this, let us know in the comment section.

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