Skype for Your Android Tablet


Skype for Your Android Tablet

There is no doubt that Skype has turned out to be one of the most popular voice and video calling applications used in varied mobile devices including Android devices. What has been a concern for many however are the limited numbers of devices through which you can video call. The good news is that the number of devices has now been expanded, thanks to the upgraded Skype for Android. This application is not only compatible with latest Android tablet but also with other tablets using Android Honeycomb (Android 3.1).

It is now very possible to comfortably call and video call through your tablet running on Android 3.1. What is required of you is to first install the upgraded Skype application. This is in case the same is already not installed. You can download and install this from the Android market or any other site where it is offered. If Skype is already installed on your tablet, you will need to ensure that it is updated. You can easily determine the status of the installed Skype by navigating to the “details”.

Having updated Skype on your tablet makes it possible for you to video call comfortably. You only need to open Skype and navigate to “settings”. Scrolling down under “settings’ will take you down to “video calls’. Checking the “video calls” box automatically enables video calling. It is highly likely that you may receive a message on the screen stating that your tablet (device) is not certified to work with Skype while undertaking this process. Simply ignore this and click “continue” to enable your device to video call. Reloading of Skype is bound to automatically start once you enable video calling. The reloading should ideally be quick. You will then have the opportunity to customize your settings and be able to video call through your tablet.

The upgraded Skype offers you varied possibilities during a video call. Clicking on the camera icon on the screen gives you access to camera selection upon which you can switch to use the front or back camera, in case your tablet has one. Enabling the auto rotation feature will enable you to video call while on landscape or portrait mode, which you can achieve by simply moving around your tablet.

The upgraded Skype has enabled many with tablets running on Android 3.1 the opportunity to easily video call without necessarily upgrading their devices, which can be a costly affair. You too can make use of the application and enjoy high quality video calls it provides.

Download Skype for Your Android Tablet

You can get Skype for your Android Tablet free from Google Play store. Download Skype from here.

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