Securing your Android device, Is it possible?


Android’s OS is popular and used extensively among most of the people around the world, which has created the demand for mobile applications in the market. Android is the best platform for all levels of users from normal users to cyber criminals who would easily use malware to sneak into them. According to the assessment performed on 2013 summer by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, shows that more than 50% of Android users do not use any software to secure the data and to protect the device against threats.

Approximately, 40% of Smartphone users stated that, they have installed security solutions and used it on their device. The majority of the users is believing their intuition to maintain the device safe. In the meantime, Android is suitable and plays a top priority target among all the platforms for the criminals. There are two main reasons why Android platforms attract criminals to hack. First one is functionality and then popularity. The majority of the malware programs is targeting Android platforms. Presently the American Government has released an alarm about the security threat of Android. One of the main serious risks is that the high chances of stolen or lost android device. Smartphone and tablet users are usually stored all their sensitive data such as videos, photos, music, contacts, etc. on their device. Lost or stolen mobile devices may have the probability of getting into the wrong hands.
For securing the device from malware, many android security apps are available. Following are some of the Security applications for the Android platform.

Avast Mobile Security has an antivirus protection and it includes web shield, which helps to scan the URLs for malware. Moreover, it scans your device to give details about the infection. It has several components, but the best component among is an anti – theft. This feature allows the user to control the device remotely using SMS and it is hidden. In case of theft of lost, the user can remotely locate the device, lock it and even you can wipe the data from it. Besides, you can play the siren sound from remote. It is the complete solution for theft.

Lookout Security and Antivirus has a large user base and it is a completely free version. This app is used to schedule the scan and provide the facility to find out the lost or stolen device. Besides, you can create an alarm and it includes the option to track the device through the lookout website. The excellent feature of Lookout is that it offers the ability to backup contacts and restores it to any new device or the existing one. Lookout is the terrific choice for the protection of device from infection.

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security is free and it has the facility to schedule the scan to locate and remove the malware. Moreover, it enhances the security of the web browsing to protect the user from phishing frauds and doggy downloads. The excellent feature of TrustGo is that the secure app search. The majority of the problems occur due to downloading and installing fishy apps or updates. Try using this security app to protect your Android device.

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