Save your Android mobile data with simple backup apps


Mobile device plays an important part in everyone’s life. Backup for your Android device is necessary to keep the important information safe.  In case of stolen or lost of Android device, then the valuable information such as photos, contacts, videos, text messages, etc., would be gone. Regular backup of the device would avoid the disaster scenario. Everyone should always have the backup of mobile device in order to prevent data loss.

Several apps are available in Google store to back up the Android mobile device. However, there are some other ways available to store the data safe. You can store your data on the SD card and on your personal computer. Connect the device to the computer using USB cable. Select ‘USB connection’ and choose ‘USB mass storage’ then press ok. This will create a new drive or ‘Removable Disk’ on the computer. Open that drive and store all the necessary information from your mobile device. This method is essential to keep the necessary data safe.

Other than this, you can use some of free and paid apps to store the backup. Following are some of the apps for backup the data.

G Cloud Backup:

G Cloud Backup app is free and it provides the ability to store contacts, text messages, music, appointments, apps and more other information to the cloud. From this app, you can easily restore the data to any mobile device. All the information will be stored in AWS cloud storage locker and the data will be secured using 256-bit AES encryption. It offers the login information to access the data in a secure way. It offers 1GB data storage for free and provides an option to earn up to 8GB storage space for free by inviting the friends to utilize the service. Maintenance of the data through online is possible and you can schedule the backups as well as it allows you to stop the process.

Super Backup:

Super Backup app is actually super and you can take backup the data such as call logs, text messages, browser bookmarks, etc. The main advantage in using this app is that it allows the user to take backup of particular data on a specified interval. Besides, it provides the way to send the backup file to Gmail account for safe. It supports auto-backups of applications. Backup scheduling is easy with this app. It provides an option to view the backups on a daily basis and you can restore or delete a specific backup smoothly. Paid version is also available and it is ads-free for $1.99.

App Backup & Restore:

This application is best for batch backups, batch restore, multi version backup and quick uninstall. Moreover, it offers a way to send the APK file through email to safe guard the information. This app is very simple and straight forward to use. It is suitable for large data backup.

These are some more free applications available for Android backup. Many paid apps are also available in the Google’s app store. Go through the features and choose the best app to keep the data safe and secure.

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