Is there any alternative to Google Play store?


Google play store is having more than 700,000 apps and games. It is the place that everyone knew and clearly it is the most famous place for downloading android apps. However, there are lots of alternate app stores are available in the market. There are some reasons to choose other android app stores. You can increase the earnings and you can reach the customers using alternate app stores. Besides, many app store provides free apps for the users and offer some money-saving options for the customers. It provides the option to list the app on the top ten. Alternate app stores are the best option to expand your app exposure as well as maximize the earnings.

Security risk is the major problem in using third party app markets. The security policies may vary according to the app stores. Some stores may check the security policy same as Google. However, some stores may not check the security risks. If you are ready to take risks then you can go with other android app stores as well.

Amazon App Store:

It is the best alternate app store for Google play. It is very flexible and simple to use. Amazon offers two benefits for the customers. It grants a paid app for free to the customers in a day and offers the option to Test drive the features before buying the application. Moreover, Amazon will float some great discount rates for paid applications. However, it is limited to US, European nations and slowly moving into Asian countries as well. The arrival of Amazon app store has created a competition among other Android app stores.

Slide ME:

Slide ME has a large and world wide user base. You can get free and paid apps from different categories. Every application will be tested and moderated  before publishing it to public. So, the customer will get high quality apps. It has made the search process easy and it allows the user to filter the apps based on the category. It supports several payment options. What are you waiting for! Visit the Slide ME app store and enjoy the high performance apps .


F-Droid is open source app store and it is free. You can find the free apps without ads and trackings. This is the major advantage of the app store.


GetJar provides you to choose the app from various android applications. Searching made easy by providing a great listing of categories and subcategories. Here you can find feedbacks, comments, likes and dislikes from the users. More than 5 million developers have been registered with this store.

1Mobile Market:

1Mobile Market is similar to Google play store. You can find free apps and games from this store. It has more than 300,000 apps for download. The main advantage with this store is that it will display only free apps, featured apps, etc.

Other than these many app stores are available in the market. Choose the app store which follows good security policies and are risk free.

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