Increase Your Android Device’s Battery life with JuiceDefender Application


Increase Your Android Device’s Battery Power with the JuiceDefender Application

While your Android device (Smartphone) has undergone great transformation that has led to slicker and faster phones, one thing has not satisfactorily been addressed; the battery life. In most cases, you rarely go through a day without recharging the battery. Thinking of going through three days without recharging the phone is for sure a far fetched dream, unless you have a separate battery on standby. This should no longer be the case. The JuiceDefender Android application is what you need.

This is an application designed to prolong the life of your device for as long as possible. It functions by disabling your device’s idle functions, in effect saving on battery power. For instance, it disables your device’s radio so long as you are not connected to the WiFi network. This disabling is however not permanent (good for you) as the application will try to enable the radio after some minutes, checking for any WiFi connection and disabling the radio once more in case of no network connection. Another great way through which the app saves on a device’s battery power is when it comes to data. Depending on how you configure it, the app turns off data at specific times.

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Because the application is capable of disabling most of your device’s functions, it is designed to work with profiles (options). It is through such profiles that the application determines the kind of device services to disable and at what time. You have the option of choosing either the “customize” or “advanced” options. You however need to note that the application is available in both free and paid-for versions. Some profiles will therefore not be available with the free version.

It is important to point out certain crucial facts about the free and paid-for versions. Although the free version is indeed effective in preserving battery power, it restricts you on options available to you. For instance, it only disables and enables two options (mobile data and another). This can be a good reason to download the paid-for version that enables and disables several device functions. You also need to note that there are two sub-versions of the paid-for version; the Plus and Ultimate applications.

There is no doubt that getting your Android device powered for a long time is paramount and downloading the JuiceDefender app is the perfect way to do it. You opt to start off with the free version so that you evaluate its effectiveness before going for either of the paid-for versions.

Download JuiceDefender Android App APK

You can download JuiceDefender APK for free from Google Play store for free from this link.

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