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Standard factory installed dialers for Android phones are cumbersome. They involve far too many touches to make a phone call. Standard dialers make searching for contacts quite difficult as the scrolling and search features are not refined enough .Installing a custom dialer is often necessary for most Android phones.

Custom dialers offer smooth calling and messaging.  A wealth of features beckons users of custom dialers. A power user might need a bigger dialer for contact management and messaging. A no frills dialer like the exDialer allows for clean simple call making.

The exDialer is a no frills dialer. It serves the basic function of searching through contacts and showing a call log. Unlike other custom dialers it does not offer messaging options. It offers a conveniently big dial pad with enough space to show a few contacts. The ExDialer is perfect for low end android phones which do not have enough memory space for installing bigger dialers.

The exDialer allows for marking favorite contacts that is a button away. The Favorites and groups menu is a touch away which makes the interface very clean and easy to use.  The exDialer allows for customization by the users, such as determining the actions on clicking a contact, changing themes, behavior. These handy features lets people use the dialer the way that suites their style of phone usage.

The exDialer comes with a standard theme but more themes are available on the Play Store. The themes change the look and feel of the dialer but retain its original functionality. Although the number of themes is limited there is enough choice for people to pick from.

A simple user will not require contact syncing, keeping track of a person’s phone calls and messages on a single page or sync pictures from Facebook with their contacts list. There are several custom apps that offer these features and many more. They can consume some space on the internal memory.

The problem with most custom dialers and exDialer is that the phone alerts for missed calls is often shown by the factory installed dialer and there is no way to disable this. In such cases a person will have to skip the alerts from the custom dialer and will have to be redirected to the factory installed dialer to avoid the same alert message popping up over and over again. This is a compromise that most users of custom dialers have to accept.

There are several custom dialers on the Play store, but they all come with advanced features. The custom exDialer is the perfect no frills easy to use dialer. The size of the install is quite small and it works smoothly even on low end Android phones. For people seeking a simple no frills dialer the ExDialer is perfect. It is easy to use and is a small application that will work well for people who do not need advanced features in their dialing, messaging and contact management.

exDialer & Contacts demo and screenshot:

exDialer & Contacts

exDialer & Contacts

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