Editing your Images Easily with Samsung Photo Editor


For anyone who hasn’t ventured into the Samsung Apps world just yet, Samsung’s Photo Editor is one app highlight you definitely don’t want to miss.

It’s an incredibly comprehensive, free app that lets you transform your mobile photographs with little more than a tap and a swipe. First thing you’ve got to do is download it though, so get to it. Once you’ve installed the app and it’s loaded, choose a picture to edit, then select one of four options:

1. Transform

The first is the simplest option and could well suffice for any basic editors out there. If you want to resize, rotate or crop your pictures, this is where you want to be. In addition to being simple and intuitive, it’s comprehensive with options to flip images and re size them in multiple ways.

2. Color

The second option, color, is the road to go down if you fancy playing with hue and saturation. You can also tweak elements like brightness, contrast and exposure here too, making it very useful for simple adjustments as well some drastic recoloring.

3. Effects

Primarily providing a range of filters you can apply to your photo, there’s more to be found if you dig a little deeper into the menu. The filters range from an instagram-style vintage filter through to an off-the-wall pop art filter and our favorite, a halftone filter. If you want to get more involved, the advanced effects panel opens you up to red eye removal as well as filters you can paint on such as pixelate and color accent. The best filter – In our opinion – is spot healing, cleaning up marks and blemishes in no time flat

4. Decoration

The final option in our arsenal of image adjusters is decoration and, boy, is it multifaceted. You can apply frames to your photos, some classical, some fun, all free. Next up, you have the option to add digital stickers to your pictures Multi-Grid is the penultimate decoration option, collating multiple pictures into one clean, attractive grid that you can manipulate extensively. Finally, decoration presents you with an option where you can draw or write all over your pictures with your finger or S Pen depending on which Galaxy handset you own.

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