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Update for Google Play store app rolled out again, with this Google Play Store App updated to v3.10.10. Now you can Update Google play store apk by downloading it manually. Google Play Store Apk v3.10.10 got several changes over previous version. Going through the apk code revealed that there were improvements on checkout, billing, and authentication code files.

What’s new in Google Play Store App v3.10.10

As previously said this is a bug fix release update. though the Google Play Store App v3.10.10 had several improvements over it’s previous version. Some of the updates include:

  • After install pop up info-box.
  • Removal icon at MyWishlist tab.
  • Enhanced location permeation: Now this updated version can access fine and coarse location of the device.
  • Translate button next to app description.
  • Enhanced recommendations button

Google Play Store App v3.10.10 Screenshot

Google Play Store App v3.10.10

Google Play Store App v3.10.10

Google Play Store App Update history with file size

  • Google play v5.5.19  3.81MB
  • Google play v3.7.11  5.07MB
  • Google play v3.7.13  5.07MB
  • Google play v3.7.15  5.07MB
  • Google play v3.8.15  5.35MB
  • Google play v3.8.17  5.35MB
  • Google play v3.9.16  5.22 MB
  • Google play v3.10.10  5.22 MB

Download Google Play Store App

Download latest version of Google Play apk from here:

Above Google Play Store Apk v3.10.10 is signed by Google, and it’s secure to download and install above Google Play app. The app will overwrite existing Play store. With this manual installation you will not have wait for Google push of this update. Download and install it just like any other APK.

How to install Google Play Store App manually

If you have download the above Google Play Store App v3.10.10, but a bit confused about how to update and install this Google play update. In that case I would like to tell you : Just install it like any other normal app or game. if still not convinced follow the followings.

  1. Download above Latest Google Play store apk from your Mobile phone or PC
  2. If downloaded from PC, transfer it to your mobile phone via Data cable, or Wi-Fi
  3. Now go to Settings > Applications > and check Unknown sourced.
  4. Next to it by the use of any file browser browse to the Google Play Store v3.10.10 apk and tap on it.
  5. in the next step you will be prompted to install this app, follow the on screen instruction and you are done.

Now you completed Updating your Google Play app to the latest version. If still have any queries, let us know in the comment section, we will try to solve it.

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