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The Aldiko Reader is one of the best eBook readers for Androids. It supports several formats including ePUB, PDF and Adobe DRM encrypted formats. It supports eBooks from public libraries. This gives it a definite edge over the Kindle Reader which does not support these formats. The Reader works on both phones and tablets. It allows for easy install and come pre-installed on several phones and tablets.

Aldiko Reader Review

The Aldiko reader allows users to easily maintain their own library and read books obtained from different sources. The Aldiko book reader has its own store front which has a lot of books including the latest best sellers. Several free books are also available on the store.

The Aldiko reader comes with the standard brightness adjusters and day/night reading mode.  Getting these settings right is important to get the right reading experience.  It also comes with easy options to adjust the font size.

Aldiko Reader Review for Android

The Aldiko reader allows people to Google words and phrases directly from the reader by highlighting sections of the book. This simple feature makes is very convenient for people who want to make a quick reference. The book reader allows for easy bookmarking and navigating quickly to different pages and jumping across chapters.

The Aldiko reader is available in both Free and Paid versions. The Paid version is free of advertisements and is promised to get more features and faster updates. The Free version of the App supports all book formats and works well for most users.

Books downloaded from other sources can be read using the Aldiko reader by importing it into its library. The Aldiko reader has a very nice interface that makes it easy for people to manage their book collections. The reader enables organization of the library by custom categorizing and tagging of books. This feature is easy to use and become essential over time as libraries tend to hold several books.

The Aldiko store has more categories of books than the Kindle and several of those books are free. The store also has a Public library section which offers a great selection of free books. The Aldiko reader is pleasant to read in even on smaller screen though it can get uncomfortable after reading for several hours.

Among the only short comings of the reader is that it does not have an inbuilt dictionary. The animation on page turning sometimes doesn’t work properly, but it is an insignificant problem. The Aldiko reader works well on all phones and tablets. It is a great easy to use eBook reader. The Aldiko reader is extremely popular and rightly so because of its extreme user friendliness and giving a good reading experience.  With new features like directly importing email attachments into the Aldiko reader have only increased its popularity and the development team keeps coming with new things to improve the entire experience.

Aldiko Reader App Screenshots:

Download Aldiko Reader :

Aldiko reader comes in two versions:

  • Aldiko Book Reader free version
  • and Aldiko Book Reader premium (Price $3)

Download Aldiko reader free version from here (Google Play store link)

Download Aldiko Book Reader premium version from here.

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