2 Must have Android Applications


2 Android Applications That You Must Use

There are many new applications are coming out for android every day. Sometimes it is quite tough to find best apps for our needs. We often miss few applications that worth to notice. Followings are some features of two android applications that worth notice.

Track day workout Tracker:

With Tracday application the users can acquire numbers out of what they do like walking, running or winning their tour. Distances, timings and other things meanwhile – collect for users and then bring into line with their account on Tracday website after every exercise. The Tracday application is inconsequential application to track and record GPS routes of users workouts and get numbers out of what they do like walking, running or winning .This is an exhilarating brand new application for users smart phone which makes it simple to track their daily workouts and collect statistics regarding them. Users can see their speed, time and traveled distance. After finishing their workout all data will be coordinated with Tracday website, in where users can explore their work out fully. It is a great way to develop on the whole performance of users. Users can share their work out on facebook or twitter to let their friends know about them. Users also can invite their friends to follow them on Tracday and also have fun with their friends. Recently Tracday has Android application, which is obtainable on Google Play and website which stores all great workout data of users. To download the application visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tracday.app

Quick office Connect Mobile Suite

The Quick office Connect Mobile Suite enables the user to view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel & Power Point files and have integrated access to multiple remote storage providers . This is the first and only full aspect of Microsoft Office productivity suite for Android devices. The Connected File Manager offer the user with the facility to distantly entrance, shift, share and manage their files on remote storage service providers as well as Google Docs, Drop box, Mobile Me and Box.net. People can acquire the majority out of their Android mobile device with the latest and eye-catching mobile office suite. This is the greatest experience ever. With the Quick office Connect Mobile Suite, the user can View & edit Microsoft Office 97-2008 Files (XLS, DOC, DOCX, XLSX, PPT, PPTX).The user can enjoy nonstop and suitable, simple mobile entrance to the Google Docs, Dropbox, Box.net, and Mobile Me distant storage services with an instinctive interface. The user also can access & manage email attachments with the most accepted file formats in the Connected File Manager. The user also may experience advanced PDF screening while on the go. People can save files to remote storage provider, store files locally on device, or to their SD card. The user may purchase the Quick office because this is speedy and responsive application performance than any other solution. It has trouble-free entrance to manifold remote storage providers. This is vigorous, rich features on Android 2.0 and advanced devices with Multi touch support for two-finger zoom and flick scrolling. It can manage (rename, copy, move, create, delete and sort) files and folders, excellence in search for files stored on device, SD card or in inaccessible storage account. It has an ability to browse & open zip files, also can analysis documents in page outline view, together with headers and footers. This is enable to edit directly into cells and view enveloped content in cells. It also can scroll through slides in a nonstop analysis. To download the application visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quickoffice.android

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