MyAndroidMag.com is an Indian based News site entirely dedicated red hot Android OS. We used to report all news that concerns Global Android user base, and we try to cover all android mobiles and Tablet launches. Later on we review all recently launched Android devices, applications and games.  We also deeply analyze rumors and try to put in front of the world.

We have a professional dedicate team of authors, editors and contributors who digs out most Android related News, and present that in front of the world.

We love feedback, user opinion and suggestions. for any kind of such inquiry drop an email at [email protected], and we will be happy to answer your queries and act on your suggestions.

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Meet the Team

Sadekur Rahaman – Editor in Chief

Sadek (Sadekur Rahaman) has been a journalist  for the last 15 years now. When he’s not writing, he finds interest in wandering the narrow streets of any major European city, working on his amazing lawn and garden or driving around the country side.

Bindi Sinha– Senior Editor

Things in India are intense from a technical point of view, and Bindi is there to catch all these aspects.

She hails from Maharastra and has been a journo for the last 18 years. her resume includes reputed Indian dailies such as Indian Express, Business Standard, and websites such as msn.co.in. Shs is our expert on politics and international affairs.

Tushar Bharatwaj – Staff Writer

Tushar is freelance writer. When she gets some time off from her kids Mariel loves to tackle the wars between Apple and the rest of the world. As you could already see, she’s an Apple fan-girl, one that would wear an iPhone 4 with pride, no matter if reception is borked sometimes.

Utkarsh Mahanti – Staff Writer

Utkarsh  is a die hard fan of technology and loves writing on the latest gizmos. A professional writer, he also likes to grapple with gadgets and makes any complex innovation look simple.  He excels in the ring as much as he writes on technology and related aspects.

Utkarsh is from Beautiful Jammu & Kashmir

Aditya Chandra – Staff Writer

Aditya has been around the tech blogging scene for more than three years and has contributed to a number of famous gadget blogs. He now writes for MyAndroidMag and covers anything that was ever called a doodad. Other than tech, his personal interests include traveling and, must be said, he’s a HUGE sports fanatic.

Karuna Saha – Staff Writer

Karuna is a Computer science student, and a lot into programming, game development and graphic design. That’s why she takes great interest in the current trends in the gaming scene, following its development closely, especially that of his favorite company – Valve.

Sandeep maiti – Contributing Writer

Only just 24 years old, Sandeep is probably one of the most passionate dudettes we’ve seen so far. He hails from Kolkata and usually writes about  Sports and Culture. When she’s not writing, Sandeep is having the fun of his life by visiting different parts of India (“long live low cost airlines and Rail networks” is what he believes).

Along with them our organization is consist of  several reporters, tech and non-tech staff. Everyone in our organization contributes  at their best level to run My Android Mag effectively.

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