How to update galaxy s2 to Android 4.2 jelly bean

All those who are using Galaxy S2 and looking forward to update their device to the most recent Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, you can follow…
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7Super simple ways to promote your first Android app

Marketing the mobile app is as important as creating it. Just launching an app in app store and waiting for downloads will not give you…
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How to optimize your Android mobile for a better experience?

Majority of the people are now using Android devices in their daily routine. Besides, they have lot of applications installed on their phone for various purposes. Opening…
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Security features in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Security and privacy are the main concerns among the Smartphone and tablet users. Google is trying to provide security features to the Android users. Google’s…
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How to report an android appliction as SPAM to Google play store

Android is the number one open source platform and keeping this as an advantage anyone can develop and publish apps in Google play store with a onetime pay…
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Level Up Your Google Chrome Performance on Android

Google Chrome is a web browser from Google which is available for almost all platforms with a responsive feedback. But sometimes because of few memory issues…
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How to Check and manage App Permissions on Android

Use F-Secure to keep an eye on malicious and costly app permissions Security is a massive thing for a lot of Android users and whether it’s keeping…
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Developing your own Android App in a Few Easy Steps

Developing your own Android app You’ve seen what Google’s Play store has to offer, downloaded numerous applications, deleted a few, and discovered new ways of…
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How to Print Wirelessly From A Kitkat Device

Send and print documents directly from a device to a wireless printer Printing a file or document has long been part of the desktop experience.…
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Similarities and differences between Google Android 4.2.2 and Apple ios 7

When iOS Betas 7 was  introduced in the beta from across the globe many suspected that it was long overdue and a drastic reformation of…
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