Save your Android mobile data with simple backup apps

Mobile device plays an important part in everyone’s life. Backup for your Android device is necessary to keep the important information safe.  In case of stolen or…
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Tops apps to reduce the battery drain in Android devices.

Several tips and tricks are available to prolong the battery life and to improve the performance of your Smartphone. Many apps are available to manage…
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Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lock-screen Wallpaper

In the coming weeks of IFA 2013, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to be announced in public. Samsung has a history of leaks, and here is leaded…
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Jaw dropping features of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S4 has appealing features that have not been available in any other Smartphone. Galaxy S4 is a user friendly Smartphone. It has…
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Galaxy Note 3, a must mobile device for business users

Samsung has added another great big screen phablet to its Galaxy series of Android mobile devices. This release has just come after its great product Galaxy S4.…
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Is there any alternative to Google Play store?

Google play store is having more than 700,000 apps and games. It is the place that everyone knew and clearly it is the most famous place…
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Free texting apps for Android is here to stay

Are you sending more text messages to mobile phones rather than calling? Then you must install some of free texting app on your Android device…
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Securing your Android device, Is it possible?

Android’s OS is popular and used extensively among most of the people around the world, which has created the demand for mobile applications in the…
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