How to Root Motorola Moto X lineup of Phones

Motorola launched Motorola Moto X lineup of phones back in 2013. Currently Motorola has Moto X, Moto X 2nd Gen, Moto X Play, Moto X Style and Moto X pure edition in the market. Motorola phones generally get latest Android update quickly, but there are several features which Can only be obtained by rooting the Android device. Users can have unrepresented access to the bootloader, and several hardware and software tweaks which can only be obtained after rooting the device.
With this phone you will be able to play any online game.

How to Root Motorola Moto X lineup of Phones

Steps to root Motorola Moto X

This tutorial will guide you to root your phone through easy steps.

 Step 1

 Download Cydia Impactor, Fastboot and SapMyMoto programs in the desktop of your computer.

 Step 2

 Now unzip these above said files in your desktop.

 Step 3

 After that, activate USB debugging mode of your phone. First, go to “menu”, then “settings”, click at “developer options” and finally “USB debugging”.

 Step 4

 Establish connection of your phone to the computer by USB cable.

 Step 5

Now open command prompt window in your desktop by pressing shift key and give a right-click anywhere in the screen and click on “open command window here”.

Step 6

After that, enter this instruction appearing in the screen.

Step 7

Now note IP address by entering next instruction appearing in the screen.

Step 8

After give double-click to Cydia Impactor and it will run.

Step 9

Now click at # start telnetd as system on port 2222 and click at start.

Step 10

After that, enter the original IP address instruction “telnet IP 222”

Step 11

Then enter this instruction appearing in the screen.

Step 12

After that enter “adb reboot” and restart your phone.

Step 13

Now you have repeat steps 9 to 11 once again and the phone will automatically restart.

Step 14

Now enter adb reboot boot loader instruction. After the phone enters in bootloader mode, enter the suitable instruction.

Step 15

After your phone restarts, Install “4.4 kikat ota” in your phone.

Step 16

Now enter “adb reboot bootloader” command.

Step 17

Then enter fastboot flash partition instruction.

Step 18

After your phone automatically restarts, enter the suitable commands appearing in the screen.

Step 19

The phone should automatically restart. After that, enter the next instruction appearing in the screen

Step 20

Now, you have to activate Bluetooth of your phone and the device should restart.

Step 21

Now enter the suitable instruction to proceed further.

Step 22

Now visit Google play store, download SuperSU and install it. Rooting is complete now.

Hope this tutorial has given some insights to root Motorola Moto X phone.

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