How to install emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3

System wide emoji installation guide on Samsung Galaxy S3 :

Emoji is widely used picture words, which was first used in Japan. emoji is a Japanese word which means picture characters. Now a day Emojis are widely used in instant messages, webpages and on mobile platforms. for example when you type “🙂” in Google Talk you see a smiling face instead of these special characters, this is emoji . Various application of the Android platforms are now enabled to use emojies by default, though it’s not available system wide. This post will teach you in step by step to install emoji on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

How to install emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3

See: Emoji wiki article for more info about this.

Requirements to install emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3

By installing systemwide emojis in your Samsung Galaxy S III, you will get access to animated emojies in All application interfaces, web pages and within Android menu and settings. To make things fun, you need the following things:

Step-by-Step Guide to Install emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3

After acquiring a rooted device follow these steps to install emoji on your Galaxy S III. Please keep in mind that Do this at your own risk, we donot held any responsibility for anything wrong happening to your device (as if). Now let’s get started to install emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3.

  1. First of all Download a Root Explorter app (such as ES File Explorer from), you can get it free from Google Play store.
  2. Now Download above two files (if already downloaded, transfer that to your SD card or phone memory).
  3. Open ES Explorer, and in settings enable Root explorer if it’s not enabled.
  4. Now move “DroidSansFallback.ttf to /system/fonts
  5. and fallback_fonts.xml to /system/etc
  6. You are done, reboot your phone and enjoy sitewide emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3.
Example of emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3

Example of emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3

After reboot emojies will work devicewide on your Galaxy S3. In above screenshot you can see emojies working device wide on Samsung Galaxy SIII.

For your acknowledgement let me tell you that by using above procedure you can install device wide emoji in any rooted Android device (Such as HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S4, micromax A116 etc)

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